Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Hi Folks,

Sorry to have left you in the lurch like this, it has been a manic couple of days going here there and everywhere but getting nowhere fast. 

I am also waiting for a new laptop to arrive as this one I am using has started having issues and I don't do issues.  I have been promised that it should be here tomorrow so fingers crossed for me.

Tomorrow I will set about putting some more of my work on here for you to have a look at and if you feel you can comment that would be a bonus.

I feel that I have got the hang of the blogging now and I am trying to leave you all some comments after looking in on your blogs.  We have some very talented crafters out there and it is so lovely that everyone shares for inspiration.

Well I will get myself away to bed, early night, no need to be up too early and time in my craft room.

Sleep tight


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday Crafting

Good afternoon,

Wow what a great start I had to my day, a craft fair not far from home and only £2.50 to get in. 

I am so glad that I went as I have come home with some exciting products that I have not used before.  I bought some Dreamweaver Stencil Embossing Paste colour copper and some Pebeo Prisme Fantasy colour turquoise, pearl violine and ash blue.  I have already made a start on playing with the Pebeo on a special project and the results are stunning.

My friend and I have a table at a fair tomorrow in Manningtree and I am sending up positive thoughts for it
to be a busy day for us. We trade under Sunshine Days and Pretty Things and have all handcrafted gifts and cards on our stall, these can also be viewed on Facebook and Folksy.

I look forward to sharing some more of my work with you during the week and would appreciate your comments.



Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hello Bloggers,

What a great day today with three hours of Hels on Create and Craft with lots of lovely new products. It was amazing how fast things were selling out but not surprising as they were lush.

I only have another two days left at my sister's in York, I can't believe how quickly my time here has gone. Is it just me or are the weeks, months and years going by so much quicker?

When I packed to come up to my sister's I packed loads of things from my craft room so I could teach my sister different things.  We still have things we have not managed to get to so I think I will  do these things back at home and put pictures and details up here on my blog.

It is hard to explain sometimes just how important crafting is in my life.  Nothing is safe around me as I look at it and think about what I could change it in to.

When I get home my new cricut machine will be waiting for me, I can't wait to find my way around that and start playing with it. This should make my life a little easier for when I am teaching and need numbers of things cut out the same.

I have got a craft fair to take part in on Monday 20th August with my partner in crime, (Julie), details of the fair will be posted on here nearer the time.  After the fair I will have to knuckle down and start making some new items, both in the form of cards and gifts.

Well my friends I think I will close down now and think about getting myself in to bed so I can start dreaming crafting.



First Time For Everything

Hi to all you bloggers out there,
This is my first time of blogging so I do ask that you take me by the hand as I embark on this journey.

I am a single parent of two fantastic teenagers, Poppy who is 18yrs old and about to leave home and head to university up in Scotland to study Fashion Design.  Niles is 15yrs old and into music, he hopes to go on to teach music and play in a band.

Due to health problems I am now a home maker and a serious crafter.  I have been very lucky in that I have managed to turn a room in our home into a craft room and this is stuffed to the gills with all things crafty.

I find that I get very inspired when sitting in my craft room which has a very large window letting in all the days sunlight.  Music also plays a part in inspiring me most of which is relaxation and meditation music.

I do not feel that I have any one style of crafting, it really is what comes to me at the time, this can be card making, using Art Parts as projects to making home made gifts.  I enjoy stamping, distressing, texture and altering items.

I have started doing demonstrations and teaching and love to see the look of wonder on peoples faces after they have managed to create the project I have been teaching.  Crafting is all about sharing and I find that the crafters I come across are very caring and sharing people.

I am looking forward to sharing my work and projects with you all here on my blog and I hope I can give some of you inspiration and encouragement to enable you to enjoy your crafting.

Thank you for looking in on my blog, I hope you will come back again?